Can u do discount?(question like "what is your last price")

       Answer: i can consider it after u buy a car or apartment for me or implement one of  my biggest dream. if u r "young ,handsome man" u can ask such question to agency.


 Can i do payment after meeting?

       Answer: even if i know u 10 years - no

  What is your real name?

       Answer: Dont even try to cross a line !

  I feel we have a conection would u like to go out for drinks?

       Answer: Sosial time cost is 1k/h ( i not need herro who will pretend that he want to help me left industry, bc i love to do what i do and i dont trust empty promisess)

  •  I will appreciate if u  shave, and make appointment as early as possible

  •  If u need any special service tell me pls in advance

  •  When showered pls make sure u washed your armpits and use deodorant (sorry it is a big problem nowadays)

  • Once u did screening i will delete your information immediately

  •  I do care that your family will not  know about our meeting, thats why i never write first

  •  Time is very important resource thats why i will write only direct short txt(not empty bla bla), better we talk long at real

  • Respect and polite attitude on default between us

  •  I like frank and direct ppl so pls feel comfortable ask anything u want

  • Elegance  in my DNA but in same case I like to  smile a lot  and to make jokes always (hope u too)

  • I never complain and try to keep positive  attitude always

  • I never push people and respect their  borders so pls do the same.